Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bird Cameras - a Great Idea!

Arkansas is a beautiful state and has many things that need to be captured in a picture.  One of the things that I have considered doing many times is setting up a camera to record the birds and the plants in my back yard.  I was never sure how to do that.  Now there is  a great way that I have found.

I have found a site that has about every type and suggestion on ways to use a bird camera.   Bird cameras 
 can be used in many ways.  Cameras for the birds can be used as a bird house camera,  a bird nest camera and can be used as a wireless bird camera.

All of these sound like fun. One of the things that I want to do is find out what is eating from my humming bird feeder.  The feed goes down each day and I never see a bird.  With the wireless bird camera which is motion activated, I can find out what is causing the food to go down.  This is a puzzle to me and now with a bird camera I can solve the mystery.

Great idea for fun and information.  Hope you like the idea.
bird nest camera

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