Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Town Vs Big Town

Car dealing is not one of my favorite things.  It is a necessity sometimes.  There are two ways to buy a car.  I will call them - Small town vs big town.

Here is my take on each.

Large town dealership -
  • three salesman tackle you as you get out of your vehicle on the lot - only one wins your hand
  • you look at 37 cars that they show you that do not match what you told them your price range was
  • you finally find one that maybe you can afford.
  • You to to his desk - one of twenty in the building. -  He begins to try to be your buddy.
  • You tell him what you can do - he tells you he must talk to the boss - tells you that you are real shrewd
  • He comes back with a counter offer.
  • You counter offer - he goes back behind the curtain to the wizard.
  • He counters - he goes to wizard a third and forth time and finally says you win and you agree on a price.
  • You go to fill out the papers with the finance man - the final dollar amount is bout $300 higher than your agreed upon price
  • He tells you it is processing fees and he cant waive them.
  • You get mad but you make the deal anyway and you swear never to go back there again.
Small town deal.
  • You see a couple of cars you like as you drive by.
  • You stop and ask the one salesman as you stand inside the building - What is your bottom dollar.
  • He tells you that here is the best price.  - You believe him.
  • You drive around the block and say - I will take it.
  • You go back in and fill out paperwork.  
  • $amount is exactly what he said it would be
  • You drive off feeling good.
Which one do you like.

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