Thursday, July 1, 2010

Insurance in Connecticut - Great Find!

We visited the east coast last year and decided that if we were going to live anywhere other than Arkansas we would choose Connecticut.  This made me curious about the costs of things and comparison to where I live.  What would it cost to do things that I do now if I were to look at doing them in Connecticut.

One of the first things that I checked was how well could I do on Connecticut auto insurance  Would this cost the same as it would in Arkansas.  Where would I go to to get good auto insurance.  I would go to

Well, I did go there to see how to take care of auto insurance if I were in Connecticut.  You would not believe what else I found.   

It appears that this company could also handle many other of my needs.  I have some annuities that I would want to transfer at some time and they handle Connecticut annuities  How great is that.    

Well, it doesn't stop there this company is also a great place to get Connecticut home insurance.  So, it appears that I ran into a great place to look for all kinds of insurance and annuities in one place.  

Maybe I just should move to Connecticut.  Life would be good there.

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