Sunday, July 18, 2010

Golf and Myrtle Beach Resorts - Vacation Time!

Vacation time is my time.  The wife and I love Arkansas but when it comes time for a vacation we want to get out of town and go do something that we can't do every weekend here in Arkansas.  That something is going to the beach.  

The next idea is to go to the beach but still have golf close by so that I can slip over to the course and get in a great 18 holes on a great course.  This is where Myrtle Beach comes in to play.  This is also where I get on the internet and check out the great places there that fit this criteria.   One of the first places that I ran into in my search was the site with much information which was
I could check out great accommodations and great golf on that site.

To verify the great  golf packages I also surfed around to check out the courses that were available.  Great golfing and great accommodations were justified by other sites on the internet.  This is really great stuff to be able to sit in my easy chair at home and plan a great golf and beach vacation.  A few years ago this took lots of phone calls and a great deal of guessing about the places to go and stay and the places to play.  Now with a click and a drag of the mouse to web sites such as the ones mentioned before especially such as
 a fellow can hardly go wrong.

So here is to a great vacation of golf and beach.  Notice which one I put first.  Might be different if the wife were writing.

My thoughts for now.

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