Saturday, July 17, 2010

Change of Putter

Watching the British open. One of the things that they are talking about is how Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have changed their putters recently. They are talking about the grooves in the putter and how the putters create a faster roll and how this makes it more affective in their putting.

The thing that I am wondering is would it help my putting here in Arkansas. My putting is always short. Or is it that my putting is always long. No, maybe I should say that it is either left or right. Maybe if I changed the grooves in my putter it would serve me better and maybe I could be longer with my puts and get them in the hole when I am short. Maybe if I extended my putters shaft I could be more exciting when I put.

What I would like to hear next week when I am on the course and I hit my put from 40 feet, I would like to hear that idiot yell "IN THE HOLE"

That would feel good.

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